Edward_ZaiLai _049Welcome to Zai Lai Chinese Grille!

About once a week, I used to stop and lament the fact that I couldn’t find good Chinese food that was healthy.  Sometimes, I’d give in to the craving and my body would be angry with me a few hours later.   When I had the energy, I’d make it myself – and it tasted good.  The idea behind Zai Lai is really simple.

Let’s use quality ingredients to make healthy Chinese food.  What if we used organic and local produce?  What if the meats were antibiotic free and raised with care?  What if we ran the restaurant sustainably and invited our vegan and gluten-free friends?

“Zai Lai” means “come again” in Mandarin. In Chinese culture, people say “zai lai” the same way that we might say “see you later.” As a kid visiting my family in Asia, the experience was so good, I always wanted to go back. My goal is to pass that same feeling to you: that you would eat your fill, love the experience, and then come again (hopefully bringing a friend or two).

This restaurant is Asian-American, like I am. I’m focusing on super-traditional Chinese dishes, yet renewed for the New York context .  Check out the Menu page for details. Thank you for checking us out and feel free to come up and introduce yourself at the next pop-up. I’ll do my best to remember your name.

Edward Huang
Chef / Founder